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I wish I had researched more to understand the differences between The Roadmap to Riches vs Learn and Earn Profits Online before buying into my first MRR course. Though, I guess my “leomonade” from buying the wrong course first is that I now don’t have any doubt about which one is best for me.

In case you hate reading a long article just to get what you came for: I originally purchased LEPO (Learn and Earn Profits Online) and was very unappy with it. I kind of thought I was just turned off by MRR courses in general but once I purchased and opened up The Roadmap to Riches, I knew that this was someting very special.

Why Purchase a MRR Course Like The Roadmap to Riches or Learn and Earn?

My reason for wanting to purchase The Roadmap is probably different than yours. Since I have been dabbling in online business for years and have learned so much, I wanted to start sharing what I know with other heart-centered women. But….. I’m not one of those logical, step-by-step people. I jump around. I tweak things. And I certainly can’t even pretend to walk you through the entire process of setting up an online business in a way that doesn’t make you want to set your hair on fire.

So when I kept seeing amazing women share about how they learned to create their own online businesses with The Roadmap and Learn and Earn, I knew it was my missing piece.

Since the courses come with Master Resell Rights (MRR) that would give me the ability to have the courses as something to point you towards to set up the foundations of your online businesses. And also to equip you with a powerful product that you could sell while working through the growth phase of your new online business.

What Makes The Roadmap to Riches vs Learn and Earn Different?

why I chose The Roadmap over Learn and Earn

While there are other communities popping up around The Roadmap, the biggest one I noticed was Learn and Earn. To me, it looked like they were a supportive community which appealed to me. Then I saw that Learn and Earn offered all of the original modules from The Roadmap plus extras. I was already leaning toward LEPO when I noticed that the founder’s name was Michelle Sparkie. I think her socials say Spark and well, embarrasing or not, I thought that it was a sign since I am on a mission to follow my sparks. So I purchased.

Aaaaannd felt kind of icky when I logged in. I am 100% not here to bash the Learn and Earn community, I am just spelling out why it was a bad fit for me. Does anyone remember when Target first opened and suddenly buying things like toilet paper felt enjoyable because everything seemed so much nicer and appealing than at Walmart? Haha weird analogy but just the overall look and feel of the branding inside LEPO made me want to grab what I came for and get out as quickly as possible.

I had a nice talk with myself and explained that the superficial things like that shouldn’t matter so I dove into the lessons. I couldn’t exactly say that things weren’t aligning but I definitely could say that this was not something I was going to be able to promote. So I was trying to figure out my Plan B of how I could somehow use what was in there for my end goal of helping others set up their online businesses.

No Upsells Ever? This is Only True For The Roadmap

And then, only after a week of being in a community that sold itself on being a one-time purchase with absolutely no upsells, ever, there was an upsell. One of the big things that had drawn me to the Roadmap/LEPO courses was that it created an even playing field. During my long time spent figuring out how to make money online, the thing that was always the hardest and ickiest was joining a “it has all your need” course only to be hit with the upsells that your need if you “really want to see results.”

Even if you know that all the information you need is in the origianl course, knowing that others are getting the extra secret sauce is going to get into your head. Not to mention the integrity of the whole thing. Out of curiosity, I paid for one month in the “this isn’t an upsell” club. One of the perks was a bunch of done for you PLR products….. that completely disappointed. They felt outdated, uninspired, same-ol-same-ol, and like the bonuses of old days. “Buy through my link and I’ll toss on 127 bonuses!!!” And they were all just some junk sitting around on their harddrive….. I digress

Putting You First: The Roadmap vs Learn and Earn

This one speaks volumes. VOLUMES! So, when you are working though the modules, there will be steps to set up accounts in external sites. Inside LEPO, Michelle uses her affiliate links inside the training modules, ensuring she will get commissions from the people you brought innto the community. Inside The Roadmap, Hannah and Zach encourage new members to use the affiliate links from the person you purchased from. Not much more to say there.

So, Which MRR Course is For You?

If you love following exact formulas with the focus being on making money, then you may find LEPO a good fit. But if you need your soul lit up, your belly to do flip-flops, and to feel giddy about what your online business is about, I’m gonna point you over to The Roadmap Course. The OG in modern day MRR courses.

As I said, I didn’t do nearly enough research before diving into Learn and Earn. If I had, I would have come across Hannah Rose, co-founder of The Roadmap. While Michelle at LEPO gives me all the bristly and cold vibes of “business for business’ sake,” Hannah gives me all the warm, value-driven vibes of “business for heart’s sake.” and hooooo does that feel right.

Honestly, after walking away from LEPO, I had no intention of buying The Roadmap to RIches because I thought I had the feel of it and it just didn’t align with me. Until I kept listening to Hannah. So much heart, soul and integrity are at the foundation of The Roadmap because that is her vision. It is not about following the exact formula to get you sale after sale. But about following your heart and your gut to build a business that lights your soul on fire. And resonates with your audience. And creates connection. And makes you money. The heart comes first. Your uniqueness comes first. YOU come first. So, yeah, I hit the purchase button again.

I was actually nervous about being disappointed again but the second I went into The Roadmap Course, I felt wonderful. Again, about a week after joining, there was an announcement that changes were coming. But these changes were value-driven. The entire Roadmap Course if being re-vamped. All lessons are being re-recorded and many new modules are coming in. For FREE to all Roadmap members. They had zero obligation to do that, and it was a LOT to do. So, yeah, I’m in the right place and am so happy that I can invite other heart-centered women to join me. If intererested, read how I will help your journey when you purchase the Roadmap from me.

What’s New For The Roadmap 2.0 Release?

My original explanation of The Roadmap goes into a bit more detail and below I will list the updated list of modules that will be released in The Roadmap 2.0.

  • Module 0 – Introduction to Roadmap 2.0
    Module 0 – Community Benefits
    Module 1 – Diving into the World of Entrepreneurialism
    Module 2 – Building a Solid Business Base
    Module 3 – Tailoring Your Business to Your Vision
    Module 4 – From idea to Market Ready Product
    Module 5 – Branding Essentials
    Module 6 – Intro to Business Automation
    Module 7 – Legal Docs
    Module 8 – Stan Store
    Module 9 –
    Module 10 – Pre-Built Funnels
    Module 11 – Stan and Together
    Module 12 – Email Marketing Mastery
    Module 13 – Email Flows with Stan
    Module 14 – Email Marketing with
    Module 15 – Blogging for Success
    Module 16 – Online Marketing (Content Strategies)
    Module 17 – Business Content & Optimization Tools
    Module 18 – Navigating Business Challenges
    Module 19 – Customer Service Excellence
    Module 20 – Sustaining Business Momentum
    Module 21 – Platforms to Market on (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest)

Ready to Purchase the Roadmap?

You probaby have more questions, so please reach out to me through social media or at [email protected].

If you’ve already been doing your research, you’ve read about my Roadmap Bonuses, and you feel sure that this if for you, head directly to the puchase page and let’s GO!

You can also listen to me ramble a bit about The Roadmap over on YouTube.

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