Printable 75 Day Self Improvement Challenge


DFY 75 Day Self-Improvement challenge printable with PLR license! You can sell this as is or completely change the look and text. You keep 100% profits!


This printable 75 day challenge is a soft and gentle way to add self-improvement to your life. I call it the “I matter” challenge and doing the small new habits over 75 days will help you to truly believe that you do matter.  I’ve also included a blank challenge page at the end so you can create new challenges for yourself, and even change how many days the new challenges will be. Explanation of the initial challenge items is also included.

They are:

  • No phone upon waking
  • Gratitude before getting up
  • Direct exposure to first light
  • Meditaion
  • Compliment someone
  • Gratitude before bed

The idea is to put in motion small changes that will feel uncomfortable at first, but not so uncomfortable that you will resist them. They are small mental hacks to create mor space and flow in your mind and allow more hope, ideas, and positivity to come in. It’s a great base to use before jumping into bigger life changes.



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