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The Roadmap to Riches MRR

I went back and forth dozens of times (and took one wrong turn) before deciding to purchase The Roadmap to Riches course. (You can read about that wrong turn with a look at at Learn and Earn vs The Roadmap) Since I’ve been learning and testing different online businesses for at least 10 years, I wasn’t actually thinking I’d learn much from the Roadmap to Riches.

I’ve got a fire in my belly to help others see the life-changing possiblitlies of starting an online business but….well…. I’m a mess when it comes to logically laying out steps to follow. so I wanted something that could do that for me.

The Roadmap Delivers a Solid Business Education

Holy wowsers did the Roadmap to Riches course deliver! And then some. And then some more and some more and……

This course will teach you everything you need set up your own business. EVERYTHING. Whether it’s an online business, a service business or a brick and mortar business, The Roadmap to Riches walks you through every step from the foundation to the marketing to automation.

The true beauty of it is that it is stressed over and over to do things YOUR way, what feels best for you. This is the first course I’ve seen that 1) doesn’t just teach you to sell the course 2) can benefit just about any business and 3) has plenty of room for you to create a business that truly aligns with you and lights you up.

Yes, The Roadmap to Riches does come with Master Resale Rights which allows you to sell it for 100% profits, but I just consider that a super cool bonus. The Roadmap course and the included access to the Roadmap community is 100% worth the price.

I feel priveledged to be a part of the community and to be able to invite you in.

Here’s What You Get With the Roadmap to Riches MRR Course

  • A business in a box with all steps from A to Z
  • 100% profit if you choose to sell the course
  • Business Development, Marketing, Automation, Branding Training
  • Complete Ownership over the product
  • Ability to download the videos within the course on your own device to have complete security over what you are selling.
  • No monthly fees
  • No upsells EVER!
  • Free community for a lifetime
  • 1-1 Calls from Community Members if needed
  • Free Monthly Community Calls for extended Content Strategy help
  • My special Roadmap bonuses

Why I Chose The Roadmap To Riches Over Other MRR Courses

I actually did join a different community that was based around The Roadmap. And it was a terrible fit. I had picked that community over the original Roadmap community because there were extra modules added and I figured that more was better. It wasn’t. The overall feel of that community was also VERY different than the community that Hannah, one of the Roadmap founders, has created.

The spirit inside the Roadmap Course and Community is really beautiful. There is a lot of ick coming innto the MRR scene with the focus moving to fast sales and big income claims. Hannah, the co-founder, actively discourages this and always tries to bring the focus back to the true value of the course.

What Will You Learn Inside The Roadmap to Riches?

Inside of the Roadmap, you will learn every single piece of starting your own online business. In an niche. Yes! You get to follow your sparks and create a heart-cenered business that absolutely sets your sould on fire!

Here is a very brief summary of a very in-depth course that many have referred to as college-level.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

This module introduces you to the fundamentals of business and digital marketing. You will learn the key principles of business, management, and strategy, as well as how to apply them in the context of digital marketing or any other business whether online or offline.

Module 2: How to Build your Own Branded Sales Process

This module teaches you how to build a branded sales funnel that effectively converts prospects into customers. You will learn how to create a compelling brand identity, design landing pages that capture leads, craft persuasive email campaigns, and create high-converting sales pages

Module 3: Email Marketing

This module focuses on the principles and best practices of email marketing. You will learn how to create effective email campaigns that engage and convert subscribers. Topics include email design, list segmentation, automation, personalization, and analytics, and develop practical skills through hands-on projects and case studies.

Module 4: Branding Expansion

This module is designed to help you develop and implement a strong brand strategy for your business. You will learn the fundamentals of branding, including how to create a unique brand identity, develop a brand voice and personality, and build a strong brand reputation. You will also explore strategies for brand positioning, messaging, and differentiation, and learn how to communicate your brand effectively across different channels and touch points.

Module 5: Business Tools

This module is designed to introduce you to a range of tools and technologies that can help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. You will explore a variety of business tools, including project management software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, financial management software, and marketing automation platforms.

Module 6: Content Strategies for Social Media Channels

This module is designed to teach you how to develop and execute a comprehensive content strategy. You will learn how to define your target audience, create compelling content that resonates with them, and distribute that content across different channels and platforms. You will also explore strategies for measuring the effectiveness of your content and using data to optimize your strategy.

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Module 7: SEO + Blogging

You will learn how to create and optimize blog content that ranks well in search engines and drives traffic to your website. You will explore topics such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content promotion.

Module 8: Platforms to Market on

This module is designed to teach you how to leverage different social media platforms to effectively market your business. You will learn how to create engaging content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. You will also explore strategies for building a following, increasing engagement, and driving traffic to your website

Free Roadmap to Riches Community

This Roadmap course offers a free supportive community where students can connect with each other and receive additional support and guidance from instructors and peers. The community provides a space for you to ask questions, share your progress, and collaborate with others who are also taking the course. Instructors and mentors are available to provide feedback, answer questions, and offer additional resources and guidance.

Why MRR and Why The Roadmap To Riches?

It’s not about the money, it’s about the freedom to live the life you want and you deserve. And to create a REAL online business that lights your soul on fire! Follow those sparks!

  • Learn how to set up and run an online business from zero with every step clearly explained and shown
  • Create automations for your businness to run 24/7
  • Learn how to connect with your audience and generate leads that convert
  • Learn how to brand your business so that it reflects YOU and let’s you stand out
  • Use the Master Resale Rights to have a complete digital product you can sell over and over for 100% profits
  • Lifetime access to a supportive and knowledgable community
  • Personalized help so that you never feel stuck or alone on your journey
  • Special bonuses for heart-centered women