create an online business that sparks your soul

Even though it is a solid and complete course, I decided to add a sprinkliing of Roadmap to Riches bonuses for you. Starting a online business is hard. But starting a heart-centered online business feels even harder because you often feel completely alone. In a space that is focused on chasing the money, you’ll be told over and over again that you are doing things wrong. It becomes all too easy to start doubting yourself.

That’s why commuity is everything for a heart-centered online entreprenuer.

The Roadmap Course has exploded and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Whenever something is “the thing” in the make money online space, the sharks come out. I just got an email today from a HUGE and not so value-driven marketer selling the Roadmap, not as a course, but as an opportunity to resell and make millions. Yes, he threw the big numbers out and it gave me all the icks.

A creator on TikTok that I now call a friend began voicinig what a lot of women drawn to The Roadmap were feeling. She initially decided to stop promoting the course because of the direction that the marketing was taking. I was in the same place.

Why I Bought The Roadmap to Riches

But there were some things that kept tugging at us about the course

  • The Roadmap is a 100% solid, in-depth, and no hype course that anyone wanting to start an online business will benefit from. It walks your from A to Z and gives you everything you need to hit the ground running.
  • The course stresses that this is not a “copy and paste” or “buy to sell” course. It is a way to really figure out what YOU want to do in YOUR business
  • Hannah, the co-creator, is beautifully heart-centered and has created a course and community that reflects her mission to help you start a successful online business with a solid foundation

Honestly, in my 10+ years of buying and trying courses to learn to make money online, this is the very first one that I enter and don’t automatically put my feelers up waiting for an upsell or to be taught a sleazy “beat the system” tactic. It’s a solid, near university level education. I truly feel like everyone jumping into an online business needs to start here.

You can read more detail about what is included in The Roadmap Course HERE.

What is the Roadmap To Riches Course Missing?

This is where it all came together for me. With the influx of money-grabbing marketers now buying the course just to resell it, I think the inner battle got even tougher for sparkly, heart-centered women. We beleive in the course and want others to know it and grow from it, but jumping into the pool of marketers just didn’t feel good.

I was seeing beautiful, soul-sparkly women all over social media jumping head first into marketing the course and simply doing what they “should” do. Copying what everyone is doing. Then they’d get frustrated that they weren’t getting anywhere or quickly feeling burnout. This is the result when things aren’t aligning with you.

All of this to say, the one thing the Roadmap course is missing, is a heart-centered space. The community they have is great for answering questions and keeping you on track. But it lacks the touches and the feels that so many of us need. Enter the special bonus community created to fill that need

create an online business that sparks your soul

My Bonuses for The Roadmap To Riches Course

If you also feel pulled to learn everything you can and to start your own heart-centered business, I would love for you to join me in The Roadmap. And, when you purhase the course from me, I will pull you into a special community created to foster your mental and emotional journey while building your business.

This is from Sophie, the creator I talked about above:

“Basically, I have a passion to do things differently in this space. With more compassion, with more human centredness, with more generosity. I want to gather the beautiful humans who also believe in doing things differently together. Where we can be mindful of our place in this space, how we inspire and influence others, and how we maintain integrity, grace, self care and love for ourselves and those around us in amongst it all. “

“A space where you can come together and support and learn from one another to build a business that is lit up and honours your deep and beautiful self in all its multi-passionate and messy entirety.”

Ahhhhhh….. that sits so beautifully with me.

Sophie and I will also be including a growing library of special gifts that will aid you in growing your businness.

What’s Included with My Purchase of The Roadmap Course?

  • Lifetime access to the course which is always being updated and added to. Currently there are 147 modules that cover evey aspect of starting a digital business.
  • Option to download the course or access it through the Roadmap
  • The Roadmap community where you can ask questions, collaberate, and attend live weekly meetings
  • A Master Resale Rights (MRR) license giving you ownership of the course to sell as your own for 100% profits.
  • MY BONUS: Access to an intimate community of women working to use the Roadmap to build heart-centered businesses.
  • MY BONUS: Breath and Business-Mastering Inner Alignment for Business Growth. This is the course you didn’t know you needed! Sophie created it and it will be one of your biggest helpers as you start your journey. You will also have the option to promote the course as an affiliate.
  • MY BONUS: a growing library of heart-centered PLR (private label rights) products that you can rebrand and sell as your own.
  • MY BONUS: Besides the support you will get in the Roadmap community and in the Facebook group, I will also be available to you via email, chat, or video calls. You will not be left alone in your journey.

If you are ready to join me, I’m very happy and honored to invite you in.

Still Undecided About The Roadmap To Riches Course?

I always tell people that it’s important to listen you your body. If you are not sure if what you’re feeling right now is excitement or FOMO (fear of missing out), just save this page and come back to it later. The opportunites that really speak to you won’t go away just because you don’t click the “buy now” button this second.

If I can help to answer any questions, please reach out. I am a recovering over-analyzer so I get it. [email protected]

You can also take a look at THIS PAGE that goes into a bit more detail about the course.

And I will also leave this video from Hannah here even though she pretty much said, “Make your own video, don’t just share mine..” Hahaha It’s from the very beginning of The Roadmap but is a good explanation.

Remember to reach out with any doubts or questions. I’m here. If you do feel ready to purchase, you can do so HERE

You may also want to read why I chose the Roadmap Course vs Learn and Earn. or listen to me chatter about it it over on YouTube.

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