unleash your authentic self and get paid for it

I don’t think I ever felt so lost and alone as when I was in the day to day life of being a mom, dealinig with unresolved trauma, and being constantly in survival mode. I was blank, empty, passionless, exhausted and stuck. And I honestly didn’t think anyone could relate or understand. I probably would have found it incredibly trite if someone had said that the answer for all of that was “find your authentic self.” I probably would have fought against it as I have a tendancy to do when something speaks to the deep levels of my soul.

Luckily, I did eventually get the message and now understand its power. For a woman who has spent her life as a people pleaser, always working at not being “too much,” putting the needs of others first, taking on the role of mom or wife or employee, feeling selfish about “me time” – all of that- unleashing your authentic self is going to be the scariest and most empowering journey of your life. And I want that for you.

Why Women Lose Themselves

After a lifetime of feeling pressured to conform to certain standards and keep our authentic selves hidden, it is no wonder we feel so empty now. All our lives we were told to be polite, to blend in, to not be “too much” of anything, as if being ourselves was something to be ashamed of.

And then there is the issue of financial independence. Far too often, women find themselves financially dependent on others (this includes employers), which adds another layer to the struggle. This dependency not only limits our choices but also leaves us feeling disempowered.

How Content Creation Can Change Your Life

But here’s the exciting part: I discovered a game-changer that would transform my life and the lives of other women. It’s called content creation, and it’s a path to rediscovering and expressing our authentic selves while breaking free from the confines of societal norms.

Stick with me here please. If you feel scared or put off by the idea of content creation, take a big breath. Maybe you think all content creators are young, gorgeous, live in amazing houses, travel the world, and have all their shit together. Yes, that is what the original influencers looked like. But the current world of content creation is starving for authenticity and real people like you.

Content Creation as a Path to Self-Dicscovery

But, you know what, I don’t want you to even care about that. I want you to care that the process of becoming and growing as a content creator is going to set you free. It is going to unleash your authentic self through discovering your voice, growing your confidence, and finally showing up 100% as you. As if that wasn’t big already, all of this is going to lead to multiple streams of income that feel great and align with the new, empowered you.

Content creation is more than just a way to make money; it’s a journey of self-discovery that leads to financial independence. It’s a platform where we can share our stories, our passions, our unique voices, and build connections with like-minded individuals who appreciate us for who we are, unapologetically.

In this post, we’ll explore how content creation is not just a job but a revolution for women to embrace their authentic selves and unlock the potential to live life on their terms. It’s time to rewrite the script, and content creation is the pen that’s waiting for you to take control of your story.

Can I Be a Content Creator?

Yes. Here is a brief list of who can be a content creator: Women in their 30’s, women in their 40’s, 50;s, 60’s, 70’s and over 80, women who have been married for decades, women who are divorced, never married, moms, empty nesters, full-time workers, retireees, dog lovers, cat lovers, travellers, home-bodies, women who think they are “ordinary,” women who swear too much, women who are struggling, women who feel lost, women who are broke, women who are broken, tall women, short women, hot messes, women who feel they have nothing to say, women who are scared to be seen, women who fear people seeing “the real them,” women with wrinkles, women with crooked teeth, women who worked in the corporate world, women who didn’t graduate from high school, funny women, serious women- aaaaallllll women.

The Need for Authenticity

I feel like women collectively let out a sigh of relief when Pamela Anderson recently showed up to all the events up Paris Fashion Week without makeup. And not the fake hours of makeup to look like you’re just naturally fresh and not wearinng makeup. She legit showed up with no makeup on. And she owned it. You could feel how free she was putting her authentic face out to the world. We need this.

The world often imposes unrealistic expectations on women, pushing us into roles that may not resonate with who we truly are. From societal beauty standards to gender stereotypes, the pressure to conform can be suffocating. This constant need to please and fit in can lead to feelings of depression, frustration, and a sense of being lost. It’s high time we break free from these shackles and embrace our true selves. Maybe that means going out makeup free. Or dressing like you want. Or maybe it means speaking your mind.

The beauty of stepping into content creation is that you get to unravel what it means to be your authentic self. Most of us don’t even know what we want or who we are. But when we saw Pamela speak during Paris Fashion Week, we all felt that pull to start finding out.

Content Creation as a Path to Self-Discovery and Your Authentic Self

Becoming a content creator is a journey of self-discovery like no other. It’s a platform where you can express your thoughts, feelings, and creativity without limitations. Here, you can be your authentic self, unapologetically. As you create content, you’ll find that vulnerability becomes a strength, and self-expression becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery. It’s a space where you can uncover your unique voice and passions. You can have fun, explore new topics, and slowly but surely wake up to your authentic self. How? By simply hitting the record button.

Building Confidence and Connection

One of the magical byproducts of content creation is the boost in self-confidence. When you create content, you’ll learn to stand tall and proud in your truth. Will you show up on your first or even your 50th video full of confidence? Nope. This attests to the power of showing up even when you feel awkward, like an imposter, and like nobody cares. Every video you make will be a step in growth, no matter the topic that your vidoes are about.

You’ll also discover that there’s a community of like-minded individuals who value and appreciate your authentic self. Don’t you dare make the mistake of showinng up for everybody. It’s time to rub some people the wrong way or bore them or make them want to scroll quickly past. Weed those guys out and let the people who love what you have to say and who you are come in. Connecting with others who support your journey is an incredible confidence booster.

The Multiple Income Streams of Content Creation: Making Money as Your Authentic Self

Content creators have a plethora of income streams at their disposal. If you are from an older generation where we were taught that real jobs were from 9-5 and certainly not meant to be enjoyed, this may take a leap of faith for you. Go scroll TikTok or Instagram and marvel at all the 20 something women who are working for themselves, following their joy and are making bank doing so. They get it. They are our teachers.

Financial freedom and time freedom are the empowerment that every woman needs to really embrace her authentic self. And the world of content creation creates an amazing domino effect of real income opportunities. These include User-Generated Content (UGC), the creation and sale of digital courses and products, affiliate marketing partnerships, and opportunities on monetization platforms like YouTube,TikTok, Patreon, or Twitch. Each of these avenues holds incredible potential to not only align with your authentic self but also provide financial independence.

Aligning Income with Authenticity

To truly thrive as a content creator, it’s crucial to align your income sources with your authentic self and passions. Your journey will be most rewarding when you create content that resonates with your genuine interests and beliefs. Making money online used to be limited to “bro marketing.” Lots of sleazy tactics and selling anything and everything just to fill your bank account. That’s why we never saw beautiful, heart-centered women posing with their Lamborghini in front of a mansion. Ewww. Of course there is still a lot of that going on. A lot of women are now jumping in the field of marketing ick products and flashing their income statements too. But for those of us who want the whole package of success, not just money, content creation is our path.

The Potential for Life-Changing Income

Content creation is more than a hobby; it’s a path to financial independence and a boatload of personal growth. Countless women have turned their passion and authenticity into profitable careers. Whether it’s through blogging, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, podcasting, or other creative outlets, the possibilities are endless. With determination and authenticity, the income potential is truly life-changing.

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